Reform bills have been introduced to NSW and Queensland parliaments this year An article published by the Medical Journal of Australia today says the laws are outdated and should be reformed. 2. .st0{fill:#3CD52E;stroke:#3CD52E;stroke-width:0.75;stroke-miterlimit:10;}. Rumor has it the labour party is considering dull spoons for banning in 2012. Only licensed electricians may change a light bulb in Australia. What are some pointless, weird, or outdated laws still in effect in Australia? According to this law, its ok to get slightly-singed by electric wires just make sure they dont electrocute you to death. Most of these laws are so old, lawmakers probably arent even aware that the majority exist. Sky News host Chris Smith says the Greens, Labor and Coalition should act to remove draconian, outdated laws that forbid Australia from using uranium as energy. It also has some unique landscapes and the laws in this country tend to reflect the diversity of the land. This mariachi band is breaking the law. She holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and a Masters in Criminology. If one touches a wire and is electrocuted resulting in death, there's a fine of $200! These laws may never have been enforced, or they could be so old that the laws in question and what they implied to, no longer exist. The media laws below will support the viability of our local organisations as they face increasing global competition in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Australia. Its against the law to touch electric wires that cause death. If you walk on the right side of a busy street police have the right to stop you and give you a fine no matter how foreign you are. (Summary Offences Act 1966) By. In Victoria, the Vagrancy Act 1966 indeed stipulates a person can be found guilty of an offence if they are the occupier of a house or place frequented by reputed thieves. Under 18s cant buy cigarettes but there is no specific law that prohibits them from smoking. Various websites claim this unfortunate law really does exist in Australia. Outdated laws are about as useful as a Myspace account." 4- Crashing weddings and funerals is illegal in South Australia. So without further ado, here are a bunch of weird things that are illegal in (Vagrancy Act 1966), If you are to advertise a reward for the finding of a certain lost object, you must state no questions will be asked. While most of the outdated ones are now (rightfully) scratched, there are still some laws that make little to no sense. Dont worry firearms, slingshots, throwing stars, and just about anything you could conceive of are illegal in Australia. Australian states agree to overhaul of 'outdated' defamation laws New laws to protect public interest journalism and curb crippling damages payouts will be Spitting in Brisbane is illegal and gross. Time to repeal outdated abortion laws in New South Wales and Queensland Recent developments regarding abortion law in NSW and Queensland carry 14 de Costa C, Douglas H. Abortion law in Australia: its time for national consistency and decriminalisation. 5- It is illegal to take a pigeon you find on Australian streets as a pet. Over the years, our education consultants have worked to clearly identify our students needs as well as meet institutions demands. Coming within 100 metres of the carcass of a dead whale is against the law. More places need this. (Crimes Act 1958), Its an offence to drive a dog or goat harnessed or attached to a vehicle in a public place. New South Wales Attorney-General Mark Speakman trumpeted this week:. 12. If you can be heard by someone while singing an obscene song, youll be in trouble. Weve all joked about all the weird things that happen in Australia at least once or twice. This law applies only in South Australia and Tasmania. Founded in 2006, Edugate is an education consultant agency currently operating out of seven different branches in six different countries. Source: The Conversation (Au and NZ) By Michael Douglas, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Western Australia Australias defamation laws, so long criticised to so little avail, are finally changing. Samuel Osborne @SamuelOsborne93. You can import or export most prohibited goods with written permission, provided you meet certain conditions and requirements. Insurance Australia Group could face rocketing costs after it based pandemic exclusions in business interruption policies on an Act of Parliament that was repealed five years ago and is no longer law. Australias defamation laws, so long criticised to This submission represents an important step in establishing a framework for practical changes that will help to reverse the chilling effect on legitimate public interest reporting and the trend towards larger damages awards that has made Australia the defamation capital of the world. She now supervises a team of over 80 solicitors across Australia. If you fail to cooperate they wont hesitate to call the police where legal action will be taken against you. Australias out of date defamation laws have made it near impossible to not only seek justice, but even investigate certain allegations or public figures, and have greatly impeded many Australians coming forward to formally name their abusers in the #MeToo era.

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